Bonnie’s Romantic Getaway

Bonnie posted the following comment to my last blog post.  It’s well worth reading so I made it a post.

I think a romantic getaway is so necessary for a marriage. My husband and I went to an Inn in Lexington, VA three days after Christmas. I booked the honeymoon suite and David bawked about going but we went. We had such a good time eating out, shopping, having wine and cheese with the innkeepers and other guests. We also had chocolate covered stawberries and champagne that night. I put the three Yorkies in the kennel and we went on and it was great. We ended up going to VMI where my youngest son graduated from the next day. I took lots of pictures and it brought back so many good memories when he was a cadet there.
It brought me to tears. As we get older our lives change so much, the children leave home and life goes on. It puts things back into perspective when it’s just the two of you alone. Who doesn’t want to be loved? It’s the greatest time to rediscover each other after providing for your family for so many years. I think everyone needs a romantic getaway just to get away from phones, texting, computers, dogs and spend the night in luxury with your significant other away from home. Pamper yourselves!!!


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